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Australian items I’m chasing for my collection:

  • Australian first day covers & souvenir covers from Arthur Bergen
  • Australian Beer Duty Stamps (from all states)
  • pre-1920 Australian Railway Stamps (from all states)
  • unusual/rare commemorative covers for Australian space events during the 1960s/1970s

Would love to hear from anyone who might have something i’d be interested in and happy to pay you fairly for it.

I also have quite a few spares/swaps so let me know if you are chasing anything in particular that you’ve seen on this website just in case I can help.

→→→ WANTED ←←←

Also chasing items for my USA space cover collection, basically anything that i’m missing from the main brands that I collect including:

– Goldcraft
– Beck Recovery Ship Covers
– Robret Rank velvet covers
– Andromeda / Cygnus
– 3-Muscateers
– Centennial
– Orbit Covers
– Swanson Space Craft
– KSC Philatelic Society (KSCPS)
– NCAR/BSCF (Palestine TX) balloon covers
– Solar Covers
– Sokalsky
– Szostek / WSMR
– etc

Thanks for looking ! Simon =)

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