Welcome to my website about Australian First Day Covers, in particular non-Australia Post brands from both the pre-decimal & decimal periods. Recently I started collecting ‘Space Covers’ as well so i’ll show them here too. I aim to build a check-list with basic information & scans wherever possible. There doesn’t seem to be very much information on the internet so maybe others will find this website useful.

It’s going to take me quite a while to get this website up & running. I have a lot of stuff to go through and put in order and scan and then list & describe on here. So please bookmark this page and check back regularly if you are interested.

As i’m only a collector myself & certainly no expert, I would welcome people’s comments & especially information that I have incorrect or have completely missed. Hopefully over time people can refer to this & use it is a guide to help with their own collecting goals. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, i’d love to hear from you & thanks for checking out my website !

Simon Cronk 

P.S. I also collect lots of other interesting stamp-related stuff especially Beer Duty Stamps of Australia & NZ and Railway Parcel Stamps of Australia (see my separate websites for those).