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Queensland Other

Queensland – Other first day cover manufacturers including Rouvray-Cox, Queensland Photographic Cachets, etc.

For Queensland Stamp Mart covers, click here.

I don’t have many covers from these makers yet, but will show them here anyway.

Rouvray-Cox & the  ‘Postage Stamps of Australia’ covers

These covers sometimes have Cox R rubber stamped on the back,  or U.S.A.S. // No. 44 // L.R.C. in a circle, or are addressed to him, as per the examples below.


This Wide World cover is addressed to Rouvray-Cox but was probably embellished by William Rochaix. Shown here just for curiosity:

The ‘Postage Stamps of Australia’ covers sometimes have G. A. Laker rubber stamped on the back in small writing as per the example below, usually in the lower-right corner. I used to think Laker made these covers, but an article in the Cover Collector journal from 2010 shows that Rouvray-Cox made these covers as well.

Not sure about the following three covers, but I think Rouvray-Cox possibly made these as well. I’ve seen examples with his rubber stamp marks on the back (1st and 3rd cover below).

‘Queensland Photographic Cachets’

Don’t know much about these covers yet but they are usually referred to as ‘Queensland Photographic Cachets’. Could they also be Rouvray-Cox creations ? The timeline fits, and there are certainly similarities, especially between the 1953 ‘Produce Food’ cover (above) and the 1955 ‘Friendship’ cover (below).

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