Space City Cover Society (SCCS) / NASA Local Post (NLP)

Work in progress – Jan 2021.     

Space City Cover Society (SCCS) / NASA Local Post (NLP) covers are a new collecting area for me. SCCS/NLP covers (Houston, Texas) were made from approximately 1967 to 1982 in order to commemorate various space events including anniversaries of the Mercury & Gemini missions; to honor the different astronauts and facilities of that era; to commemorate the various Apollo mission launches / landings / recoveries etc; Skylab; ASTP; and some other later missions as well. The covers are usually marked ‘SPACE CITY COVER SOCIETY’ on the front of the cover and have a local post stamp affixed & cancelled, as well as a normal stamp & postmark at top-right. A special thanks to Eddie Bizub of Liberty Bell 7 Space Covers for helping me understand these interesting covers, and also to the excellent NASA Local Post website (here) which is a terrific source of information about SCCS/NLP.

My simplified collection of SCCS/NLP covers is shown below. Covers are separated into ‘FD’ (First Day), ‘M’ (Mercury), ‘G’ (Gemini), ‘A’ (Apollo) ‘SL’ (Skylab), ‘ASTP’ (Apollo-Soyuz Test Project), ‘SE’ (Special Events), and ‘SS’ (Space Shuttle). For consistency I have followed the numbering guide set out in the main catalog listed under the Main Menu of the NASA Local post website above. In cases were multiple covers exist under a single catalog entry (especially the Apollo missions) i’ll add an extra letter on the end to differentiate. For example, the Apollo 11 Launch, Moon Landing and Splashdown events all come under A-6-NLP, but I split them into A-6-NLP-A / A-6-NLP-B / A-6-NLP-C to avoid confusion.

First Day Issue Description yyyy/mm/dd Picture
FD-1-NLP-A Gemini Twin (Houston cancel) 1967/09/29
FD-1-NLP-B Gemini Twin (KSC cancel) 1967/09/29
FD-2-NLP-A1 Apollo 8 Crew 1969/05/05
FD-2-NLP-A2 Apollo 8 Crew 1969/05/05
FD-2-NLP-A3 Apollo 8 Crew 1969/05/05
FD-2-NLP-B Apollo 8 Crew 1969/05/05
FD-3-NLP Apollo 11 – Armstrong 1969/09/03 (09?)
FD-4-NLP Apollo 11 – Aldrin 1969/09/03 (09?)
FD-5-NLP Apollo 11 – Collins 1969/09/03 (09?)
FD-6-NLP Flags x 50 1976/02/23

Mercury Flight Anniversary Description yyyy/mm/dd Picture
M-1-NLP 5th Anniversary of MA-6 (Glenn) 1967/02/20
M-2-NLP 5th Anniversary of MA-7 (Carpenter) 1967/05/24
M-3-NLP 5th Anniversary of MA-8 (Schirra) 1967/10/03
M-4-NLP 7th Anniversary of MR-3 (Shepard) 1968/05/05
M-5-NLP 5th Anniversary of MA-9 (Cooper) 1968/05/15
M-6-NLP 7th Anniversary of MR-4 (Grissom) 1968/07/21
M-7-NLP 10th Anniversary of First Mercury Team 1969/04/09
M-8-NLP 10th Anniversary of MR-3 (Shepard) 1971/05/05
M-9-NLP 10th Anniversary of MR-4 (Grissom) 1971/07/21
M-10-NLP 10th Anniversary of MA-6 (Glenn) (Houston) 1972/02/20
M-10-NLP 10th Anniversary of MA-6 (Glenn) (CC) 1972/02/20
M-11-NLP 10th Anniversary of MA-7 (Carpenter) 1972/05/24
M-12-NLP 10th Anniversary of MA-8 (Schirra) 1972/10/03
M-13-NLP 10th Anniversary of MA-9 (Cooper) 1973/05/15

Gemini Anniversary Description yyyy/mm/dd Picture
G-1-NLP 5th Anniversary of GT-3 (Grissom) 1970/03/23
G-2-NLP 5th Anniversary of GT-3 (Young) 1970/03/23
G-3-NLP 5th Anniversary of GT-4 (Gilruth) 1970/06/03
G-4-NLP 5th Anniversary of GT-4 (White) 1970/06/03
G-5-NLP 5th Anniversary of GT-4 (McDivitt) 1970/06/07
G-6-NLP 5th Anniversary of GT-5 (Cooper) 1970/08/21
G-7-NLP 5th Anniversary of GT-5 (Conrad) 1970/08/29
G-8-NLP 5th Anniversary of GTA-6 (Schirra) 1970/12/15
G-9-NLP 5th Anniversary of GTA-6 (Stafford) 1970/12/16
G-10-NLP 5th Anniversary of GT-7 (Borman) 1970/12/04
G-11-NLP 5th Anniversary of GT-7 (Lovell) 1970/12/18
G-12-NLP 5th Anniversary of GTA-8 (Armstrong) 1971/03/16
G-13-NLP 5th Anniversary of GTA-8 (Scott) 1971/03/16
G-14-NLP 5th Anniversary of GTA-9 (Stafford) 1971/06/03
G-15-NLP 5th Anniversary of GTA-9 (Cernan) 1971/06/06
G-16-NLP 5th Anniversary of GTA-10 (Young) 1971/07/18
G-17-NLP 5th Anniversary of GTA-10 (Collins) 1971/07/21
G-18-NLP 5th Anniversary of GTA-11 (Gordon) 1971/09/12
G-19-NLP 5th Anniversary of GTA-11 (Conrad) 1971/09/15
G-20-NLP 5th Anniversary of GTA-12 (Aldrin) 1971/11/11
G-21-NLP 5th Anniversary of GTA-12 (Lovell) 1971/11/15
G-?-NLP 14th Anniversary of GTA-9 ? (Stafford) 1980/06/03
G-?-NLP 14th Anniversary of GTA-9 ? (Cernan) 1980/06/03

Apollo Missions Description yyyy/mm/dd Picture
A-1-NLP Apollo 7 Launch 1968/10/11
A-2-NLP Apollo 8 Launch 1968/12/21
A-2-NLP-A Apollo 8 Lunar Orbit 1968/12/24
A-3-NLP Apollo 8 Welcome Home 1969/01/13
A-4-NLP-A Apollo 9 Launch 1969/03/03
A-4-NLP-B Apollo 9 Space Linkup 1969/03/07
A-5-NLP-A Apollo 10 Launch 1969/05/18
A-5-NLP-B Apollo 10 Explore the Moon 1969/05/22
A-5-NLP-C Apollo 10 Splashdown 1969/05/26
A-6-NLP-A Apollo 11 Launch 1969/07/16
A-6-NLP-B Apollo 11 Moon Landing 1969/07/20
A-6-NLP-C Apollo 11 Splashdown 1969/07/24
A-7-NLP Houston Honors Apollo 11 Crew 1969/08/16
A-8-NLP Apollo 12 Launch 1969/11/14
A-9-NLP-A Apollo 12 Moon Landing 1969/11/19
A-9-NLP-B Apollo 12 Moon Liftoff 1969/11/20
A-9-NLP-C Apollo 12 Splashdown 1969/11/24
A-10-NLP Apollo 12 Honored 1969/12/14
A-11-NLP Apollo 13 Launch 1970/04/11
A-12-NLP-A Apollo 13 Moon Landing Aborted 1970/04/14
A-12-NLP-B Apollo 13 Around Moon 1970/04/14
A-12-NLP-C Apollo 13 Splashdown 1970/04/17
A-13-NLP Apollo 14 Launch 1971/01/31
A-14-NLP-A Apollo 14 Moon Landing 1971/02/05
A-14-NLP-B Apollo 14 Moon Liftoff 1971/02/06
A-14-NLP-C Apollo 14 Splashdown 1971/02/09
A-15-NLP Apollo 15 Launch 1971/07/26
A-16-NLP-A Apollo 15 Moon Landing 1971/07/30
A-16-NLP-B Apollo 15 Moon Liftoff 1971/08/02
A-16-NLP-C Apollo 15 Splashdown 1971/08/07
A-17-NLP Apollo 16 Launch 1972/04/16
A-18-NLP-A Apollo 16 Moon Landing 1972/04/20
A-18-NLP-B Apollo 16 Moon Liftoff 1972/04/23
A-18-NLP-C Apollo 16 Splashdown 1972/04/27
A-19-NLP Apollo 17 Launch 1972/12/06
A-20-NLP-A Apollo 17 Moon Landing 1972/12/11
A-20-NLP-B Apollo 17 Moon Liftoff 1972/12/14
A-20-NLP-C Apollo 17 Splashdown 1972/12/19
? 1st Ann. Apollo 8 1969/12/24

Skylab Missions Description yyyy/mm/dd Picture
SL-1-NLP Skylab Launch 1973/05/14
SL-2-NLP-A SL-2 First Crew Launch 1973/05/25
SL-2-NLP-B SL-2 Docking 1973/05/25
SL-2-NLP-C SL-2 Undocking 1973/06/22
SL-2-NLP-D SL-2 Splashdown 1973/06/22
SL-3-NLP SL-3 Second Crew Launch 1973/07/28
SL-4-NLP-A SL-3 Docking 1973/07/28
SL-4-NLP-B SL-3 Undocking 1973/09/25
SL-4-NLP-C SL-3 Splashdown 1973/09/25
SL-5-NLP SL-4 Third Crew Launch 1973/11/16
SL-6-NLP-A SL-4 Docking 1973/11/16
SL-6-NLP-B SL-4 Undocking 1974/02/08
SL-6-NLP-C SL-4 Splashdown 1974/02/08

Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Description yyyy/mm/dd Picture
ASTP-1-NLP-A Soyuz Launch 1975/07/15
ASTP-1-NLP-B Apollo Launch 1975/07/15
ASTP-2-NLP-A Docking in Space 1975/07/17
ASTP-2-NLP-B Undocking 1975/07/19

Special Events Description yyyy/mm/dd Picture
SE-1-NLP 1st Ann. Apollo 1 Crew 1968/01/27
SE-2-NLP 10th Ann. NASA 1968/10/01
SE-3-NLP Schirra Retires 1969/06/01
SE-4-NLP Space Hall of Fame 1969/09/26
SE-5-NLP-A 3rd Ann. Apollo 1 Crew 1970/01/27
SE-5-NLP-B 5th Ann. Apollo 1 Crew (Houston) 1972/01/27
SE-5-NLP-C 5th Ann. Apollo 1 Crew (KSC) 1972/01/27
SE-6-NLP Borman Retires 1970/07/01
SE-7-NLP Armstrong Retires 1970/07/01
SE-8-NLP Cooper Retires 1970/07/31
SE-9-NLP 25th Anniv. Death of Dr. Goddard 1970/08/10
SE-10-NLP 10th Anniv. Marshall Space Center 1970/09/08
SE-11-NLP 1st Helicopter Delivery to NASA GPO 1968/05/15

Space Shuttle covers to come later…