Fleetwood – 1984 – Australian Bicentennial Issue I

I’ve never seen a Fleetwood first day cover for the 1984 Australian Bicentennial Issue I stamps, but, like the 1983 Butterfly series, there are 2 pieces of artwork that exist that hint that there should be an issue. The art is by Gene Jarvis and closely represents the Aboriginal Rock Art paintings reproduced on 2 of the stamps in this series. One clue is that they might be for the Fleetwood “Mint Stamps of the World Collectors Panel” for “Art of Australia” issued in 1985. So panel(s), not first day covers. I have not seen this issue (yet!) but I regularly see “Mint Stamps of the World” stuff for sale on eBay. There is of course a chance it was never released… As it happens I have both incredible original pieces of original artwork (see pictures above) here in Australia, so I will continue hunting for the Fleetwood item. Maybe someone can help ?