Fleetwood – 1979 – International Year of the Child

First day of issue: 13 AUG 1979, stamp designed by Wendy Tamlyn.

A bit of an enigma, there are 2 covers for this issue. One I would call the “normal” release , and the other is part of a larger international set of Fleetwood covers released to coincide with International Year of the Child. In that set are covers from many different countries around the world, including Australia.

20c Children Playing – Type I

20c Children Playing – Type II (part of a wider release)

The Type I cover is easier to get than the Type II cover. The Type II cover is part of a wider release with designs by Marjorie Saynors, a British artist. See more information below, from the Unicover website.

Marjorie Saynors

Marjorie Saynors was born in Yorkshire, England, but spent her early years in Canada where she loved the snowy cold winters with skating and tobogganing, and the hot summer days that stretched into warm evenings. She returned to England where she attended the art school in Hull, and later studied at the Royal College of Art in London. After college she taught part-time at two art schools while freelancing. Saynors then married a graphic designer from the Royal College of Art, after which much of her time was devoted to domestic life. Her hobbies include sewing, reading books, having dinner with friends, taking photographs and painting landscapes, portraits and flowers.