Space Craft Covers – Extras

Space Craft covers were often sent to customers in printed glassines. I’ve seen the address in black, red & blue:

The ‘Space Craft Explorer’ magazine was produced by Space Craft Covers (Huntington, West Virginia) for 8 years between 1962 (Vol. 1) and 1969 (Vol. 8). At this stage I only have about 15 different issues, which are shown below. I’d love to find some more, can anyone help? I’d really appreciate it.

An early cover designed by Carl Swanson for Eddie Mendlowitz and produced under the name ‘SAC’:

Also in the early days, Joe Fitzpatrick asked Carl Swanson to do a separate cachet design for Project Mercury missions (as a sideline to the normal Space Craft range). I only have 2/4 at this stage:

John Glenn / Project Mercury / MA-6 ‘Friendship 7’ 1962/02/20 PAFB (M)
Scott Carpenter / Project Mercury / MA-7 ‘Aurora 7’ 1962/05/62 MISSING
Wally Schirra / Project Mercury / MA-8 ‘Sigma 7’ 1962/10/03 MISSING
Gordon Cooper / Project Mercury / MA-9 ‘Faith-7’ 1963/05/16 CC (M)

Three different ‘Generic’ or ‘General Purpose Envelopes’ (see the excellent book by Chuck Vukotich) were sold for a short time around 1962-1964, and were used by collectors for a whole variety of different events. Type A (red), Type B (blue), Type C (grey/black).

Some examples from my collection are shown below:

KH-4 4 / Keyhole 4 / Corona 1962/05/31 Lompoc CA (M)
Mariner 1 Launch 1962/07/22 PAFB (M)
Minuteman I / ICBM 1962/08/09 PAFB (M)
Pershing / P-39 test 1962/08/22 PAFB (M)
KH-4 12 / Grape Juice 3 1962/09/17 Vandenberg AFB CA (M)
Titan 2 / N-12 1962/10/26 CC (H)
Nike Apache Sounding Rocket 1962/11/07 Wallops Island VA (M)
Nike Cajun Sounding Rocket 1962/12/06 Wallops Island VA (M)
Polaris Missile Launch 1962/12/06 CC (H)
KH-4 17 / Taki 3 1962/12/14 CC (H)
Syncom 1 1963/02/14 CC (M)
Minuteman I / ICBM 1963/03/28 CC (M)
Titan 2 / N-21 1963/04/19 CC (M)
Vela Hotel 1/2 1963/10/17 CC (M)
Atlas D / ABRES REX-3 1963/11/04 Vandenberg AFB CA (M)
Explorer 18 / IMP 1963/11/27 CC (M)
Titan 2 / N-29 1963/12/12 CC (M)
Tiros 8 1963/12/21 CC (M)
Relay 2 1964/01/21 CC (M)

Below is a letter sent to collectors in April 1970 notifying them of the sad news of Joe Fitzpatrick’s passing, and the termination of Space Craft Covers.