Orbit Covers – WANTED

Wanted: the following ‘Orbit Covers’ (see images below), as well as anything else I don’t show on my main Orbit Covers page here. At this stage I only collect coloured Orbit Covers, not the earlier photographic/engraved B&W covers.

I will pay at least US$10 per cover I need (depending on condition) and even more in some cases. Please contact me if you can help, thanks !

Project San Marco 1967/04/26
Synchronous Meteorological Satellite 1 1974/05/17
Castor Pollux 1975/05/17
Synchronous Meteorological Satellite 3 1977/07/14
OTS 1 ESA 1978/05/11
Geos 2 1978/07/14
NOAA 6 1979/06/27
SATCOM 3 1979/12/06
Shuttle (Young and Crippen simulated shuttle orbit flight) 1980/01/08
Shuttle (Roll out from hangar to VAB) 1980/11/24
Shuttle (First manned successful orbital shuttle flight) 1981/04/14
Voyager 2 1981/08/25