Fleetwood – 1990 – Highland Animals

Two covers were issues in 1990 for the Highland Animals set. Only 2 of the stamps from the set of 4 were issued, which is a shame if you ask me, but that was common practise with the “Flora & Fauna” series (produced by Fleetwood for many years). Nice covers and hard to find.

41c Greater Glider

80c Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby

The artwork for these 2 covers was designed by Gene Jarvis. Here is some information from the Unicover website:

Gene Jarvis
American 1921 – 1990

Although Gene Jarvis received no formal art training, he has become an award-winning artist who captures the intrigue and magic of Nature in his intricate line engravings. He studied art in high school and later gained experience as an illustrator for Naval Intelligence at Washington, D.C., during World War II. As a freelance illustrator he specializes in scratchboard and pen and ink, a medium that lends itself to fine detail and realism, techniques that suit Jarvis’s exceptional talent. He has worked for such well-known clients as RCA, Sears, Goodyear, Coca-Cola and Proctor & Gamble, as well as newspapers and magazines, and has been recognized for his achievements by winning awards in the Atlanta, Georgia, and Indiana Art Directors clubs.