Fleetwood – 1981 – International Year of Disabled Persons

The first day of issue was 13 JAN 1980. There are 2 covers for this series, one 20c and one 55c stamp:

24c International Year of Disabled Persons

“Polio crippled Franklin D. Roosevelt at the age of thirty-nine and he never again walked unaided. Despite his handicap, he went on to be the only American President ever elected to four terms in office. Helen Keller lost her sight, hearing and ability to speak before she reached the age of two. Yet, she learned to speak, read and write and devoted her life to helping other handicapped individuals. As these lives so vividly demonstrate, handicaps can be overcome. With special training, even the most severely handicapped persons can live happy, productive lives. With braille, the blind can learn to read. With specially fitted artificial limbs, the crippled can learn to walk. When the handicapped are helped to overcome their afflictions in ways like these, the entire society gains skills and talents that might otherwise be lost. Today, one out of every seven of the world’s people has some type of disability. There are nearly twenty-five million handicapped persons in America alone.”

Some more information about the artist John Spachurst from the Unicover website:

John Spachurst
British 1938 –

Born in 1938, John Spatchurst was trained at the Ravensbourne College of Art, United Kingdom, where he earned a national diploma in design. After receiving his degree, Spatchurst spent four years working for Masius-Wynne-Williams advertising agency in London. In 1963 he joined ABC television as a graphic designer and later worked as a set designer in Australia. By 1973 Spatchurst had acquired extensive experience enabling him to become a freelance designer. Spatchurst’s work is impressive and his expertise extends to architectural graphics, environmental design, exhibition design, corporate identity, publications, annual reports and packaging. His work has appeared in various publications, and he has served as a member of the Associate of the Industrial Design Institute of Australia and the Australian Government Stamp Advisory Committee.