Fleetwood – 1979 – Steam Locomotives

Probably the most “available” set. Often times you can buy these covers on eBay. Alternatively I may have a spare set if you are interested let me know. The first day of issue was 16 MAY 1979. There are actually 5 covers for this series, one has all 4 stamps on it, plus the 4 single covers (one for each stamp):

20c The Double Fairlie – 1879

35c The Puffing Billy – 1900

50c The Pichi Richi – 1878

55c The Great Zig Zag – 1869

Set of 4 stamps / “The Golden Age of Steam” (cachet)

Fleetwood insert “Golden Age of Steam”

Fleetwood insert about the artist Ray Honisett

Some more information about the artist Ray Honisett from the Unicover website:

Ray Honisett
Australian 1931 –

Ray Honisett is Australia’s premier stamp designer, and is an artist of international reputation. The creator of forty Australian stamps, he is a winner of the coveted International Philatelic Gold Medal and is a Fellow of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. A native Australian, Honisett moved to England as a young man but returned to Australia in 1962, and has been busy ever since — with his teaching, his painting and his extraordinary stamp designs.