Fleetwood – 1977 – Centenary of Test Cricket

This is the first Fleetwood release for Australia. Although technically the Silver Jubilee cover came out before this, that was part of a wider world-wide release. This cricket cover came out on 9th March 1977 to coincide with the Centenary of Cricket 1877-1977 stamp issue. I’m guessing this would have been a popular release in Australia, and possibly in the UK as well. I just can’t see them liking something like this in the USA & this is partly what makes me question what i’ve read about Fleetwood covers only being sold in North America. Anyway it’s a nice cover and quite hard to get.  It has the strip of 5 x 18c stamps. I have not seen this cover with the 45c stamp on it as well, but perhaps they do exist. Can anyone help with a photo ??

The stamps themselves were designed by Bruce Weatherhead who was responsible for a lot of different Australia Post stamp issues back in the day, as well as cover artwork for Fleetwood. This cover design seems to be based on the stamps.