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About us

The purpose of this website is to show an image of each different beer duty stamp & to highlight colour variations that exist.
For catalogue prices & more information please visit our parent website:
Also check out our Railway Parcel Stamps website:

The website is not run for profit of any kind. Information & images have been gathered from a large variety of sources.
If you see an image here that is yours and would like credit for it, please contact us and we will do that straight away. Thanks for your understanding !
Although every care has been taken in preparing the information contained on this website, the information is provided for personal and/or educational purposes only.
We can not provide any warranty or guarantee concerning the content, completeness, accuracy, currency or otherwise of any individual item of information provided through this website.

Image credits: Dave Elsmore, Simon Cronk, eBay, Status International, Prestige Philately, Millennium Philatelic Auctions