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Bean Space Covers

My small collection of Fred Bean space covers is shown below. I believe these were produced by Dr. Frederick Bean of Columbia MO, a cousin of Astronaut Alan Bean (Apollo 12 / Skylab SL-3).

Interestingly, the CollectSpace website (here) has a post that suggests Carl Swanson designed the cachet artwork. This makes sense to me, if you look at the cachet designs, they certainly do look like Swanson illustrations.

Manned Space Stations / Bringing the Benefits of Space to Man – 14th May 1974:

Space Shuttle Wind Tunnel Test – 5th Aug 1974 [Bean C-1]:

Space Shuttle Spacelab Simulation Mission – 10th Oct 1974 [Bean C-1]:

Apollo-Soyuz ASTP – 15th Jul 1975 [Bean DP1-6]:

Apollo-Soyuz ASTP – 15th Jul 1975 [Bean DP-C1]:

Apollo-Soyuz ASTP – 15th Jul 1975 [Bean # 3]:

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